ABO E-News 11-11-11
ABO E-News 11-11-11

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The Division of Housing and Community Renewal held a hearing yesterday on a proposed 7.8 percent 2012-13 Maximum Base Rent Factor. The formula on which the factor is based showed a 13.66 percent increase in property taxes on rent controlled buildings and a 26.51 percent increase in water and sewer charges from the last cycle. The largest component of the formula is an allowance for operations and maintenance based on the Rent Guidelines Board price index research, which increased just 3.35 percent…not counting fuel which is compensated separately by the fuel pass-along.

An energy engineer with the Community Preservation Corporation noted at a seminar on intelligent buildings yesterday that the average cost of energy of all kinds (heat, light, cooling, etc.) in existing New York multifamily buildings is about $3 per square foot, although there is a wide range. All the experts agreed that a 15-20 percent cut from minor upgrades and energy management is relatively easy. One ABO member just cut his electric bill on a building by 20 percent simply by letting ESCO’s bid for his business on the ABO Energy Marketplace. Intelligent owners are as important as intelligent buildings. What are you waiting for?

"Apartment management is more complicated than ever before. Between fair housing rules, green technology, lead paint, and bedbugs, employee training and certification is vital if you want to avoid liability."


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