Advanced Registered in Apartment Management

Advanced Registered in Apartment Management

The Advanced RAM Program was developed in 1982 to provide RAMs with advanced management skills to further their careers. Advanced RAM designation holders are distinguished from other multifamily managers as having attained a higher level of education and experience.

The Advanced RAM designation program is based on a series of six core subject areas.

  • Legal Issues for Property Managers
  • Fair Housing for Property Managers
  • Financial Management for Property Managers
  • Marketing and Leasing for Property Managers
  • Advanced Maintenance
  • Personnel and Administrative Operations

Local Home Builder Associations, Multifamily Councils, private management companies and local community colleges may sponsor these modules separately or collectively as an Advanced RAM course. RAM Board of Governors will accept equivalent courses from other institutions covering any of the subject areas. Advanced RAM candidates must submit an outline of the program and proof of attendance for it to qualify.

How To Earn The Advanced Registered In Apartment Management Designation:

Completion of all six modules and the National Advanced RAM examination will lead to Advanced RAM Certification:

  1. Candidates must have earned the Basic RAM designation prior to seeking Advanced RAM status and must have their RAM membership dues paid in full at the time of application.
  2. Candidates must have a minimum of five years of general property management experience or at least three years on-site management experience.
  3. Candidates must successfully complete each of the Advanced RAM training modules (including passing the exam) or submit grandfathered or equivalent curriculum as defined below. Beginning in 1996, candidates without access to Advanced RAM training may also challenge the exam for each Advanced RAM module. The Advanced RAM modules are listed on the previous page.
  4. Candidates must submit an essay length article with their Advanced RAM application. These articles will be considered for publication in the RAM newsletter.

$100 application fee and two sealed letters of recommendation.

Application fee must be made payable to NABO.

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