NABO Ethical Standards

The Registered in Apartment Management and Certified Leasing Professional Code of Ethics promotes the highest standards of residential management and personal conduct. Adherence to this Code of Ethics is required for certification and re-certification.

The professional must certify that they will:

  1. Maintain loyalty to the ownership of the properties I represent and pursue their goals and objectives. Accept no management assignments that would pose a conflict of interest on my part.
  2. Obtain and maintain in force all licenses required by the state and local governments having jurisdiction over my activities.
  3. Hold inviolate the confidential and fiduciary relationship with my employer and the confidential information entrusted to me by employees and residents.
  4. Serve all employees and residents impartially and neither provide nor accept any special compensation, commissions, or payments without the prior knowledge and consent to such payments by my employer and the property owner.
  5. Allow no exploitation of my position, industry, or profession.
  6. Uphold all laws and regulations providing for fair access to housing opportunities, housing purchase, and accommodations. This includes but is not limited to all federal, state, and local Fair Housing laws, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992, and related acts and regulations.
  7. Exercise sound business principles in managing properties.
  8. Use only legal and ethical means to influence legislation or regulation.
  9. Issue no false or misleading statements to the public.
  10. Refrain from disseminating any malicious information concerning any property or person.
  11. Utilize every opportunity to improve public understanding of the Registered in Apartment Management program and Certified Leasing Professional designation.

"When I wanted to hire a new management company, I looked at the RAM directory to see which companies in my area had the most trained people."

– Condo Board President

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